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Reggae Christmas From Studio One At this late date, there are dozens of reggae Christmas CDs on the market. In my opinion, only a few warrant serious attention, and Reggae Christmas From Studio One (1992) runs a very close second to Rhino's Natty And Nice as "best in show." Studio One was Coxsone Dodd's legendary Kingston hit factory, and, in the 60's, he ruled the Jamaican charts like no one before or since. A quick glance at the artists on this disc - Alton Ellis, the Heptones, and the original Wailers featuring Bob Marley - only hints at the parade of talent that marched through Dodd's studio, and these songs are typical of the thrilling roots reggae that routinely sprang from within those blessed walls. Reggae Christmas and its 2002 sequel, Christmas Greetings From Studio One, are both part of Heartbeat Records' extensive reissue program; consequently, both suffer from the same infuriating lack of liner notes as the rest of the series. The music, however, remains resplendent regardless of who wrote it, when, or why.

Albums Albums


  • Christmas Coming (Alton Ellis, circa 1968)
  • Christmas In Jamaica (Brent Dowe, circa 1966)
  • Christmas Stylee (Johnny Osbourne & The Family Group, circa 1966)
  • Christmas Time Is Here (Heptones, circa 1968)
  • Hi Fashion Christmas (Dillinger & The Brentford Harmonics, circa 1968)
  • Irie Christmas (Freddie MacGregor, circa 1966)
  • Jingle Bells Brown, (Tennessee & The Silvertones, circa 1965)
  • Sound The Trumpet (Wailers, 1964)
  • White Christmas (Dobby Dobson, circa 1966)

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