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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Fab Four Have Yourself A FAB-ulous Little Christmas 2002 image buy  
  A Fab Four Christmas 2002 image buy  
  A Fab Four Christmas
- slipcase containing both of the above
2002 image buy  
- reissue of above with new title and artwork, CD available through the band's website, download through Amazon; bonus tracks added in 2012
2008 image buy  
Fahey, John The New Possibility: John Fahey's Guitar Soli Christmas Album 1968 image buy review
  Christmas With John Fahey Vol. 2 1975 image buy review
  Christmas Guitar, Vol. 1
- re-recording of The New Possibility
1982 image buy review
  Popular Songs of Christmas & New Year's
- with Terry Robb
1983 image buy review
  Christmas Guitar
- CD containing most of above two LP's
1986 image buy review
  Christmas Guitar, Vol. 1
- CD reissue with new cover
1990 image buy review
  Popular Songs of Christmas & New Year's
- CD reissue with new cover
1990 image buy review
  John Fahey Christmas Album 1991 image buy review
  The New Possibility/Christmas Vol. 2
- CD with all but one track from both LP's
1993 image buy review
  Christmas Soli
- highlights from his four albums of solo Christmas guitar music, 1968-1983
2013 image buy review
Faith, Percy
- and His Orchestra
Music Of Christmas
- original mono version; reissued on CD by Real Gone Music in 2012
1954 image buy  
- religious and seasonal music; reissued on CD by Real Gone Music in 2012
1958 image buy  
  Music Of Christmas
- same songs as 1954 LP re-recorded in stereo; reissued on CD by Real Gone Music in 2017
1959 image buy  
  Music Of Christmas Vol. 2
- reissue of "Hallelujah" (1958)
1965 image buy  
  Christmas Is... 1966 image buy  
  Christmas Melodies
- 16-track CD selected from first & fourth
1984 image buy  
  Joy To The World
- 10-track CD selected from first four
1984 image buy  
  Christmas Celebration
- 12-track imported budget collection; part of lengthy "Songs for Christmas" series
2006 image buy  
  The Complete Music of Christmas
- 1954 and 1958 Columbia LP's plus bonus tracks, reissued by Real Gone Music
2012 image buy  
  Music of Christmas (Expanded Edition)
- 1959 stereo rerecording of 1954 mono LP, reissued on CD with bonus tracks by Real Gone Music
2017 image buy  
Falco, Tav A Tav Falco Christmas
- Alex Chilton protegé and former leader of Tav Falco's Panther Burns
2017 image buy  
Falcons Canadian Christmas
- Vancouver instrumental garage band
2004 image buy  
Farina, Johnny
- of Santo & Johnny
Christmas Mine 2003 image buy  
Farren, Chris Like A Gift From God Or Whatever
- singer/songwriter from Naples, Florida
2014 image buy  
Felder, Leah California Christmas
- daughter of Eagle bassist Don Felder; several tracks released as digital singles in 2011
2012 image buy  
Felice Brothers Felice Navidad (EP) 2015 image buy  
Feliciano, Jose Jose Feliciano
- original RCA Christmas LP with shiny gold cover
1970 image buy  
  Jose Feliciano
- budget CD reissue of above with adapted yellow cover
2004 image buy  
  Feliz Navidad
- CD reissue of above with bonus tracks, new cover and title; also available in DVD edition (2009)
2002 image buy  
Felts, Narvel Seasons Greetings
- 10-track cassette reissued on CD with three additional tracks in 2003, followed by MP3 download in 2006
1988 image buy  
Fender, Freddy Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad 1977 image buy review
  Christmas Time In The Valley
- same as above with new cover & title
1991 image buy review
Ferguson, Cool John Cool Yule 2005 image buy  
Ferrante & Teicher Xmas Hi-Fiviories
- Westminster 10-inch LP
1954 image buy  
  Adventures In Carols
- Westminster 12-inch LP including most tracks from above
1956 image buy  
- first Capitol LP
1962 image buy  
  We Wish You A Merry Christmas
- second Capitol LP
1966 image buy  
  Snowbound/Wish You A Merry Christmas
- two Capitol LPs on one CD
1992 image buy  
  Christmas Is So Special
- CD compiled from two Capitol LP's
2000 image buy  
  Winter Wonderland
- new recordings by Arthur Ferrante
1995 image buy  
  Snowbound/We Wish You A Merry Christmas
- 2-for-1 Relayer/Friday Music CD reissue of 1962 and 1966 Capitol LP's
2012 image buy  
A Fine Frenzy Oh Blue Christmas
- CD available through Amazon; download sold exclusively through iTunes
2009 image buy  
Fishbone It's a Wonderful Life (Gonna Have A Good Time)
- 4-song vinyl EP never reissued on CD, though all tracks appear on Fishbone 101 (1996)
1987 image buy  
Fisher, Eddie Christmas With Eddie Fisher
- original RCA 8-song EP; MP3 issued 2017
1952 image buy  
  Mary Christmas
- original Dot LP; never reissued on CD but available for download in 2014
1965 image buy  
  Christmas With Eddie Fisher
- Collectables 3-for-1 CD including two other Eddie Fisher 1952 RCA releases
2002 image buy  
  Songs For Christmas
- imported CD compiled from RCA EP and later singles; also includes two Frankie Lane tracks
2006 image buy  
Fitzgerald, Ella Wishes You A Swinging Christmas
- original Verve LP
1960 image buy  
  Wishes You A Swinging Christmas
- CD reissue with new cover
1989 image buy  
  Wishes You A Swinging Christmas
- deluxe CD reissue with original LP cover
2002 image buy  
  Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
- original Capitol LP
1967 image buy  
  Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
- expanded CD reissue including entire 'Brighten The Corner' gospel album (1967)
2006 image buy  
  Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas
- reissued by Capitol yet again with 13 original LP tracks and all new cover art
2007 image buy  
  Christmas & Hits Duos
- slipcase with Swingin' Christmas plus Pure Ella (1998)
2008 image buy  
  Merry Christmas From Ella Fitzgerald
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy  
  Songs For Christmas
- 13-track imported budget collection taken from Verve recordings
2011 image buy  
  10 Great Christmas Songs
- Capitol budget compilation
2012 image buy  
  Icon: Christmas
- Verve and Capitol recordings
2014 image buy  
Five Chinese Brothers A Window Shopper's Christmas 1997 image buy  
Flack, Roberta Christmas Album 1997 image buy  
- reissue minus Peabo Bryson duet
2003 image buy  
  Christmas Songs
- reissue of her 1997 album plus new track
2012 image buy  
Flaming Lips Atlas Eets Christmas
- pseudonymous release under the name Imagene Peise (get it... "Imagine Peace"...)
2007 image buy  
Flash Cadillac Ghost of Christmas Past 1996 image buy  
Fleck, Bela & The Flecktones Jingle All The Way 2008 image buy  
Fleshtones Stocking Stuffer 2008 image buy  
Flores, Rosie Christmasville 2005 image buy  
Floyd, Eddie I'll Be Your Santa
- legendary soul man records first Christmas album
2012 image buy  
Flying Pickets Only Yule
- group scored a coveted "Christmas #1" in the UK in 1983 with an a cappella version of Yazoo's "Only You"
2010 image buy  
Fogcutters Jingle These Bells (EP)
- modern big band from Portland, Maine
2012 image buy  
Fogelberg, Dan First Christmas Morning 1999 image buy  
Foley, Red Sing A Song Of Christmas Vol. 2
- 4-song, 7-inch vinyl EP recorded 1949-1950; companion to similar Ernest Tubb EP
1953 image buy  
Force Family 5 Christmas Pageant 2009 image buy  
Ford, Frankie Christmas 2001 image buy  
Ford, Tennessee Ernie The Star Carol 1958 image buy  
  The Story Of Christmas
- with the Roger Wagner Chorale
1963 image buy  
  Sing We Now Of Christmas 1965 image buy  
  O Come All Ye Faithful
- above four are original Capitol albums
1968 image buy  
  A Tennessee Ernie Ford Christmas Special
- 2-LP set with two containing Sing We Now of Christmas (1965) and O Come All Ye Faithful (1968)
1970 image buy  
- his final original Capitol album
1971 image buy  
  The Heart Of Christmas 1991 image buy  
  My Favorite Christmas
- above two compiled from Capitol albums
1992 image buy  
  The Best Of Christmas
- taken from his 1972 Christmas TV special
2004 image buy  
Forester Sisters A Christmas Card 1987 image buy  
  New Star Shining 2002 image buy  
Foster, david The Christmas Album
- featuring 12 famous guest vocalists; reissued as MP3 download in 2017
1993 image buy  
Fountain, Pete Candy Clarinet
- subtitled 'Merry Christmas From Pete Fountain'
1967 image buy  
Four Aces A Merry Christmas With The Four Aces 1956 image buy  
Four Freshmen Freshmas! 1992 image buy  
  Snowfall 2007 image buy  
Four Seasons
- featuring Frankie Valli
The Four Seasons' Greetings
- original Vee Jay LP released in mono and stereo versions; reissued in multiple formats over the years, most notably by Hallmark in 2013 and Real Gone Music in 2015
1962 image buy review
  Christmas Album
- Phillips LP, same as above with new cover & title; reissued on CD by Rhino in 1986
1966 image buy review
  Christmas Album
- same as above with modified cover typography, reissued by Curb Records
2002 image buy review
Four Tops Christmas Here With You 1995 image buy  
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- same as above with new cover & title
2005 image buy  
  Merry Christmas
- 1995 album deceptively repackaged to look like vintage Motown
2009 image buy  
Foxtails Brigade Time Is Passed
- originally for sale as MP3 download through Bandcamp; offered in wider release 2012 as both CD and MP3
2011 image buy  
Francis, Connie Christmas In My Heart
- original MGM LP
1959 image buy  
  Christmas With Connie
- same as above with new cover & title
1966 image buy  
  Christmas In My Heart
- Polygram CD reissue of 1959 LP with new cover and bonus track
1990 image buy  
  Christmas Cheer
- 10-track budget album
1995 image buy  
  The Christmas Album
- imported collection with all of "Christmas In My Heart" plus three seasonal singles
1998 image buy  
  Songs For Christmas
- 12-track imported budget collection
2010 image buy  
Franklin, Aretha Joy To The World
- Sony budget compilation with just three Christmas songs, recorded early 60's
2006 image buy  
  This Christmas
- originally sold exclusively through Borders; reissued by Rhino in 2009
2008 image buy  
Franks, Micheal Watching The Snow
- reissued on new label in 2007
2004 image buy  
Frantic Flintstones Not Christmas Album 1989 image buy  
  Rockin' Out/Not Christmas
- tandem CD paired with 1988 album
2004 image buy  
Freberg, Stan Have Yourself A Crazy Little Christmas
- 10-song CD split with Yogi Yorgesson; includes three of four comic holiday sides Freberg cut for Capitol, plus "Meaning of Christmas" (a choral medley) and "Sir George And The Dragonet"
1991 image buy  
Freedom Fry Holiday Soundtrack (EP) 2017 image buy  
Freelon, Nnenna Christmas
- with the John Brown Big Band
2012 image buy  
Future Idiots Unwrap My Package 2012 image buy  
Future Of Forestry Advent Christmas EP 2008 image buy  
  Advent Christmas EP Volume 2 2010 image buy  
  Advent Christmas EP Volume 3 2013 image buy  

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