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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Hadley, Tony The Christmas Album
- former Spandau Ballet front man; 2016 edition has two additional tracks
2015 image buy  
Haggard, Merle Merle Haggard's Christmas Present (Something Old, Something New)
- original Capitol album
1973 image buy  
  Merle Haggard's Christmas Present (Something Old, Something New)
- LP reissue of above with similar cover design but different picture
1979 image buy  
  A Christmas Present
- CD reissue of above with new cover, altered title
1990 image buy  
  Country Christmas With Merle Haggard
- same as above with new cover & title
1995 image buy  
  Hag's Christmas
- same as above with new cover & title
2007 image buy  
  Goin' Home For Christmas
- original Epic album, including new versions of key Capitol tracks
1982 image buy  
  Goin' Home For Christmas
- LP and CD reissue of above with new cover
1984 image buy  
  Goin' Home For Christmas
- CD reissue of above with original cover, one extra track
2003 image buy  
  Icon: Hag's Christmas
- repackage of Hag's Christmas (2007), itself a repackage of his 1973 Capitol album Christmas Present
2013 image buy  
Haley, Bill Merry Christmas (1951-1997) 1998 image buy  
Halford, Rob
- of Judas Priest
Winter Songs 2009 image buy  
Hall, Daryl & Oates, John Home For Christmas
- originally sold exclusively through Trans World stores
2006 image buy  
Halperin, Tim Under That Christmas Spell (EP)
- American Idol contestant
2013 image buy  

Hamilton, Anthony

Home For The Holidays 2014 image buy  
Hampton, Noelle Jazz Up Your Country Christmas 2001 image buy  
Hanson Snowed In 1997 image buy  
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- same as above with new title & cover
2004 image buy  
  Finally It's Christmas 2017 image buy  
Harlem Parlour Music Club A Harlem Parlour Christmas 2009 image buy  
Harris, Emmylou Light Of The Stable 1979 image buy review
  Light Of The Stable
- CD reissue of above with new cover
1992 image buy review
  Light Of The Stable
- reissue with new cover and 3 new tracks
2004 image buy review
Harris, Lee Christmas Cards
- roots rocker from Richmond, Virginia; album features Harris with a variety of bands in a variety of styles
2006 image buy  
  Christmas Is For The Family
- with his new band, Country Sunshine
2011 image buy  
Haslam, Annie It Snows in Heaven Too 2000 image buy  
Hawk Nelson Christmas (EP) 2011 image buy  
Hawkins, Edwin, Singers Peace Is Blowin' In The Wind
- Buddah LP; reissue as MP3 in 2014
1972 image buy  
  The Edwin Hawkins Christmas Album
- Birthright LP never reissued on CD
1985 image buy  
- CD reissue of "Peace" (above) with dumbed-down title
1994 image buy  
Hayes, Charles The Knight Before Christmas
- produced by Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams
2009 image buy  
Hayman, Darren Christmas In Haworth (EP)
- originally sold as 10-inch EP on Bandcamp
2011 image buy  
Haymes, Dick Christmas Songs
- 3-record, 6-song 78-rpm album expanded in 1949 to an 8-song 10-inch Decca LP
1947 image buy  
  Christmas Wishes
- vintage radio transcriptions from the 1940's
2002 image buy  
He 5 Merry Christmas Psychedelic Sound
- Korean rock band
1969 image buy  
Heart Heart Presents A Lovemongers Christmas
- reissue of 1998 pseudonymous release Here Is Christmas
2001 image buy  
  Heart Presents A Lovemongers Christmas
- Japanese version with different cover
2001 image buy  
  Heart Presents A Lovemongers Christmas
- domestic reissue with new cover
2004 image buy  
  Heart Presents A Lovemongers Christmas
- same as above on new label
2008 image buy  
  Heart Presents A Lovemongers Christmas
- same as above with new cover art
2013 image buy  
  Home For The Holidays
- CD and DVD; with "friends" including Shawn Colvin, Richard Marx, and Sammy Hagar
2014 image buy  
Helix A Heavy Mental Christmas
- initially sold exclusively at Wal-Mart stores
2008 image buy  
Helms, Bobby Jingle Bell Rock (Certron)
- this album and all following are repackaged versions of Helms' 1967 recordings for short-lived Nashville-based label Little Darlin'
- FYI, Helms never released a Christmas album containing either his original 1957 hit version of "Jingle Bell Rock" on Decca Records or his 1965 remake for Kapp
1970 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock (Mistletoe) 1974 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock (Holiday)
- same cover as 1974 Mistletoe LP
1980 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock (KRB)
- first CD reissue? there are many...
1991 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock (Unison) 1995 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock (Creative Sounds)
- originally issued on cassette by Rudolph Records; cover adapted from 1974 Mistletoe LP
1995 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock (Collectables)
- cover adapted from 1970 Certron LP
1997 image buy review
  A Little Darlin' Christmas
- includes four previously unreleased Johnny Paycheck tracks from 1966; Koch also issued "Jingle Bell Rock" CD single with remixes; reissued in 2009 as digital album with different cover art
2004 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock: A Bobby Helms Christmas (Laserlight) 2006 image buy review
  Jingle Bell Rock: A Bobby Helms Christmas (K-Tel) 2012 image buy review
Hem Peace At Last (EP)
- released as download only
2007 image buy  
Hep Stars Jul Med Hep Stars
- title means "Christmas With The Hep Stars"; popular 60's Swedish pop group, best known elsewhere as the band that gave ABBA's Benny Andersson his first big break; "Christmas On My Mind" released as single b/w "Jingle Bells"
1967 image buy  
  Jul Med Hep Stars
- CD reissue of above with new cover
2008 image buy  
Herndon, Ty A Ty Herndon Christmas 2007 image buy  
Hersh, Kristin Holy Single (EP) 1995 image buy  
Hewett, Howard Christmas 2008 image buy  
Hickman, Sara The Christmas Wish 2001 image buy  
Hicks, Dan & The Hot Licks Crazy For Christmas 2010 image buy  
Higgins, Eddie Trio Christmas Songs 2004 image buy  
  Christmas Songs II 2006 image buy  
  Christmas Songs I & II 2013 image buy  
Hill, Faith Joy To The World 2008 image buy  
Hillside Singers Merry Christmas From The Hillside Singers 1972 image buy  
  Merry Christmas From The Hillside Singers
- 2-for-1 CD reissue paired with their successful debut LP, "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing"
2002 image buy  
Hinojosa, Tish Memorabilia Navidena 1991 image buy  
  From Texas For A Christmas Night 2003 image buy  
Hirt, Al The Sound Of Christmas
- RCA 14-track LP first reissued on CD in 1992
1965 image buy  
  Have A Merry Little Christmas
- Delta CD with nine tracks from above, different artwork
2000 image buy  
  The Sound Of Christmas (Deluxe Anniversary Edition)
- original LP remastered and reissued on CD in 2013 with original cover and two bonus tracks from 1964 single
1965 image buy  
Ho, Don Christmas Album 1967 image buy  
Hoey, Gary Ho! Ho! Hoey! 1995 image buy  
  Ho! Ho! Hoey! II 1997 image buy  
  Ho! Ho! Hoey! III 1999 image buy  
  Best Of Ho! Ho! Hoey! (1995-1999) 2001 image buy  
  Ho Ho Hoey! The Complete Collection
- all prior tracks plus new recordings
2003 image buy  
Holiday Music 2001-2005
- group features Barry Phipps of the Coctails
2006 image buy  
Hollyberries I Wanna Go Surfin' With Santa!
- 7-inch vinyl EP with four songs previously released as MP3 downloads
2013 image buy  
Hollyridge Strings Christmas Favorites
- Collector's Choice CD reissue (2008) followed by Capitol MP3 download (2010)
1965 image buy  
Holt, John Reggae Christmas Hits Album 1986 image buy  
  Merry Reggae Christmas
- same as above with new cover & title
2001 image buy  
Holy Grail Seasons Bleedings (EP)
- 4-track EP contains only one bona fide Christmas song; 2-track vinyl available from Prosthetic Records
2011 image buy  
Home Free Full Of Cheer
- MP3 has three more tracks
2014 image buy  
  Full Of (Even More) Cheer 2016 image buy  
Homer & Jethro Seasoned Greetings (EP) 1953 image buy  
  Cool Crazy Christmas
- RCA LP included remakes of songs released on EP and 45, 1953-1955; reissued as MP3 download in 2014
1968 image buy  
Honeydippers 12 Days Of Christmas
- later repackaged as Rock-a-billy Christmas by the Swing Cats
1997 image buy  
Hopkin, Mary Christmas Songs (EP)
- three songs recorded in 1972 and 2006
2008 image buy  
Horne, Lena Merry From Lena
- reissued on CD several times
1966 image buy  
  Merry Christmas From Lena Horne
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy  
Hot Club of San Francisco Hot Club Cool Yule 2009 image buy  
Hot Rods Christmas 2003 image buy  
Hough, Julianne NBC Sounds Of The Season: The Julianne Hough Holiday Collection
- initially sold exclusively at Target stores
2008 image buy  
House Of Heroes The Christmas Classics (EP)
- includes 2008 single, "Silent Night"; reissued in vinyl in 2016 with additional track "Rebel Jesus" first released in 2012
2009 image buy  
  Hark! the House of Heroes Sing (EP) 2014 image buy  
Houston, Whitney One Wish: The Holiday Album
- also available in DVD edition (2009)
2003 image buy  
Hrubovcak, J.J. Death Metal Christmas (EP)
- subtitled "Hellish Renditions of Christmas Classics"; bassist for the band Hate Eternal
2013 image buy  
Hughes, Glenn A Soulful Christmas
- vocalist with Deep Purple and Trapeze
2000 image buy  
Humperdinck, Elgelbert Christmas Tyme 1977 image buy  
  A Merry Christmas With... 1980 image buy  
  White Christmas 1984 image buy  
  Magic Of Christmas
- budget CD taken from above albums
1995 image buy  
  Christmas Eve
- recorded in Hamburg with James Last
1995 image buy  
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- 'Christmas Tyme' with new cover & title
2005 image buy  
Hung, William Hung For The Holidays
- clueless, tuneless 'American Idol' reject
2004 image buy  
Hunter, Charlie & Bobby Previte We Two Kings 2015 image buy  
Hurd, Emily Any Given Day
- sort-of Christmas album from Illinois singer/songwriter
2012 image buy  
Husbands Xmas
- impressively weird, largely original music from Oklahoma City
2013 image buy  
  Xmas 2 2017 image buy  
Husky, Ferlin Christmas All Year Long
- reissued by Capitol as MP3 download (2007)
1967 image buy  
Husky Team Christmas In Memphis 2002 image buy  

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