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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

A-Strings Home For Christmas
- Nashville session pros with guests Kathy Mattea and Glen Campbell
1988 image buy  
Abbeygate, Karling Christmas With Karling 2011 image buy  
ABC Christmas... With Love (EP)
- one holiday song plus three acoustic versions of previous releases
2016 image buy  
Adams, Edie The Edie Adams Christmas Album
- taken from her mid-50's performances on the Ernie Kovacs TV show
2012 image buy  
Adams, Johnny A Christmas With Johnny Adams
- original Ace Records album
1975 image buy  
  Christmas In New Orleans
- Mardi Gras reissue of above with new cover & title
1994 image buy  
Adkins, Trace The King's Gift 2013 image buy  
Afroman Jobe Bells 2004 image buy  
  A Colt .45 Christmas
- includes new versions of songs from above
2006 image buy  
  Santa Cuz (EP) 2016 image buy  
Agnetha & Linda Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus
- Agnetha Faltskog from ABBA with daughter; Swedish title means "a thousand candles are being lit"
1980 image buy  
Aguilera, Christina My Kind Of Christmas
- includes duet with Dr. John
2000 image buy  
Aiken, Clay Merry Christmas With Love 2004 image buy  
Air Supply Christmas Album 1987 image buy  
Akim Santa Claus Is A Black Man
- with the Teddy Vann Production Company; title song appears on A John Waters Christmas
1973 image buy  
Alabama Christmas
1985 image buy  
  Christmas With The Judds and Alabama
- budget CD with songs from both groups
1994 image buy  
  Christmas Vol. 2 1996 image buy  
  Christmas In Dixie
- budget compilation with Ronnie Milsap
1997 image buy  
  Christmas Collection
- 2-CD set with songs from two original albums
2006 image buy  
  Classic Christmas Album
- Sony/Legacy compilation from prior holiday releases
2013 image buy  
  American Christmas 2017 image buy  
Albert, Christina Christmas With Christina
- with guitarist Chris Gage, with whom she sooned forged a partnership; originally released as limited edition cassette, reissued on CD in 2000
1995 image buy  
Albert & Gage One More Christmas 2001 image buy  
Aliqua All I Want 2009 image buy  
All-4-One An All-4-One Christmas 1995 image buy  
  Christmas EP, Vol. One
- three tracks
2014 image buy  
Allan, Davie Fuzz For The Holidays
- produced by Little Steven Van Zandt
2004 image buy  
  Fuzz For The Holidays 2 2007 image buy  
Allen, Deborah Rockin' Little Christmas
- originally released on CD on through her website
2013 image buy  
Allen, Geri A Child Is Born 2011 image buy  
Allen, Kris Waiting For Christmas (EP)
- 2009 American Idol winner
2012 image buy  
  Somethin' About Christmas 2016 image buy  
Alpert, Herb Christmas Album
- original A&M LP
1968 image buy  
  Christmas Album
- first CD reissue on A&M with new cover
1990 image buy  
  Christmas Album
- remastered CD on Shout! Factory with amended cover
2005 image buy  
  Christmas Album
- remastered CD on Alpert's own label with original cover; also reisued on vinyl
2015 image buy  
  The Christmas Wish 2017 image buy  
Amazing Crowns Holiday Bootleg
- 5-song EP sold only at band shows
1998 image buy  
America Holiday Harmony 2002 image buy  
  Holiday Harmony: Collector's Edition
- one bonus track, amended cover
2010 image buy  
Ames Brothers The Sounds Of Christmas Harmony
- Coral LP collecting single and EP tracks 1950-1952; tracks appear on the public domain CD Together (Jasmine, 2006)
1957 image buy  
  There'll Always Be a Christmas
- 2006 Taragon CD reissue of RCA stereo LP including additional 1954 b-side
1957 image buy  
  There'll Always Be a Christmas
- 2017 Real Gone CD reissue of RCA mono LP including additional 1954 b-side and 1960 LP track
1957 image buy  
  Christmas Harmony
- Vocalion reissue of Coral LP with truncated title and new cover art
1967 image buy  
Ames, Ed Christmas With Ed Ames 1967 image buy  
  Christmas Is The Warmest Time Of The Year 1970 image buy  
  Christmas With Ed Ames/Christmas Is the Warmest Time of the Year
- 2-for 1 Real Gone CD reissue of RCA LP's from 1967 and 1970, respectively
2011 image buy  
Amos, Tori Midwinter Graces 2009 image buy  
Anderson, Bill Christmas 1969 image buy  
  No Place Like Home On Christmas
- mainly re-recordings from above
2002 image buy  
Anderson, John Christmas Time 1994 image buy  
Anderson, Jon Three Ships
- reissued on CD in Japan in 1987
1985 image buy  
  Three Ships
- European "22nd Anniversary Edition" with bonus tracks; released in America in 2008, then as CD-R in 2011
2007 image buy  
Anderson, Leroy Christmas Carols
- Decca LP including his 1952 single "Christmas Festival"
1955 image buy  
  Christmas Festival
- same as above with new title and cover art, and with tracks arranged into suites
1959 image buy  
  Christmas Festival
- Pickwick reissue of above with new cover art
1980 image buy  
  A Leroy Anderson Christmas
- CD reissue of 1959 Decca mono LP plus two versions of "Sleigh Ride" by Anderson (in mono) and the Boston Pops (in stereo)
2004 image buy  
Anderson, Lynn Christmas Album 1971 image buy 
  Christmas Album
- Sony CD reissue of above with new cover
1995 image buy  
  Home For The Holidays 2002 image buy  
  Christmas Album
- Real Gone CD reissue of 1971 LP with original cover and bonus tracks; same track listing released as MP3 download the following year
2015 image buy  
Andrews Sisters Christmas Cheer
- 10-inch Decca LP with Danny Kaye, Dick Haymes, Guy Lombardo, Vic Schoen, and Gordon Jenkins
1950 image buy  
- reissued on CD in 1995
1987 image buy  
  A Merry Christmas With Bing Crosby 2000 image buy  
  Songs For Christmas
- above 3 compile Decca Recordings
2004 image buy  
Andrews, Julie A Christmas Treasure (with Andre Previn)
- originally issued by Firestone; reissued in 1967 by RCA
1966 image buy  
  Greatest Christmas Songs
- same as above with new cover & title plus three non-Christmas bonus tracks
2000 image buy  
  Christmas With Julie Andrews 1982 image buy  
Angry Johnny & The Killbillies Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Merry Christmas
- an impressively ambitious concept: an all-original, alt-country album about an outlaw's Christmas...
2010 image buy  
Angry Snowmans Angry Snowmans
- punk parody group from Canada trading off the Angry Samoans and their first album
2009 image buy  
  What We Do Is Festive
- this time around, it's the Germs' LP What We Do Is Secret
2011 image buy  
  Black Coal For Rotten Children
- fashioned after the Dead Kennedys' Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
2013 image buy  
  December Jukebox (EP)
- cover art based on the Avengers' 1983 compilation
2013 image buy  
  What Makes An Elf Build Toys (EP)
- a take on the Minutemen's What Makes A Man Start Fires
2015 image buy  
Anka, Paul It's Christmas Everywhere
- original ABC-Paramount LP
1960 image buy  
  It's Christmas Everywhere
- European Laserlight CD reissue of above with new cover art and slightly different running order
1996 image buy  
  Christmas With Paul Anka
- American Laserlight CD reissue of above with new title and cover art, minus one track ("White Christmas")
2000 image buy  
  Songs For Christmas
- imported budget CD reissue of "It's Christmas Everywhere" (1960) minus the title track, with new title and cover art
2011 image buy  
  Songs Of December
- all new recordings
2011 image buy  
Ann-Margret Ann-Margret's Christmas Carol Collection 2004 image buy  
Anthony, Ray Dream Dancing Christmas 1995 image buy  
Aqualads An Oso Grande Christmas
- North Carolina instrumental band and their vocalist friends pay tribute to Charlotte's local hero Rodney Lanier, aka Oso Grande (Big Bear)
2011 image buy  
Archies The Archies Christmas Album featuring Betty & Veronica 2008 image buy  

Archuleta, David

Christmas From The Heart 2009 image buy  
Arden, Jann A Jann Arden Christmas 2015 image buy  
Arie, India Christmas With Friends
- with Joe Sample and other guests
2015 image buy  
Arioli, Susie Christmas Dreaming
- acclaimed jazz singer with pianist Jordan Officer
2012 image buy  
Armstrong, Louis Christmas Through The Years
- budget label compilation
1996 image buy review
  What A Wonderful Christmas
- with a variety of jazz & pop artists
1997 image buy review
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- reissue of above with new title & cover
2003 image buy review
  Christmas & Hits Duos
- slipcase with 20th Century Masters plus Definitive Collection (2006)
2008 image buy review
Arnold, Eddy Christmas Greetings
- 7-inch RCA EP with shaped picture sleeve
1953 image buy review
  Christmas With Eddy Arnold
- RCA LP including re-recordings of early singles
1962 image buy review
  Christmas With Eddy Arnold
- same as above with new cover; issued as part of RCA's Country Music Hall of Fame series
1967 image buy review
  Christmas With Eddy Arnold/Christmas With Henry Mancini
- RCA budget LP compiling tracks from both artists, with different cover and title for Mancini on opposite side
1974 image buy review
  Christmas With Eddy Arnold
- Reader's Digest reissue of 1962 RCA LP with completely different cover art and one different track
1982 image buy review
  Christmas With Eddy Arnold
- CD reissue of 1967 LP with amended cover (crudely removing the Hall of Fame emblem for some reason...)
1991 image buy review
  Christmas With Eddy Arnold
- budget CD reissue of above with unbowdlerized cover art
2005 image buy review
  Christmas Time
- new recordings for Curb Records
1997 image buy review
  The Complete RCA Victor Christmas Recordings
- includes his 1953 EP, 1962 LP, and more
2016 image buy review
Ashanti Ashanti's Christmas 2003 image buy  
  A Wonderful Christmas with Ashanti
- includes songs from the Lifetime movie "Christmas In The City"
2013 image buy  
  A Wonderful Christmas with Ashanti (Deluxe)
- new version of above with three additional songs
2014 image buy  
Asleep At The Wheel Merry Texas Christmas Y'all 1997 image buy  
  Santa Loves To Boogie 2007 image buy  
  Lone Star Christmas Night 2016 image buy  
Asylum Street Spankers Christmas Spanking
- mostly recorded live at Christmas shows in December 2000
2001 image buy  
  Christmas Spanking
- same as above reissued on new label
2007 image buy  
Atkins, Chet Christmas With Chet Atkins 1961 image buy review
  Christmas With Chet Atkins
- CD reissue of above with new cover
1997 image buy review
  East Tennessee Christmas 1983 image buy review
  Songs for Christmas
- reissue of 1961 RCA classic, plus bonus tracks from early singles
2012 image buy review
Atkins, Martin An Industrial Christmas 1995 image buy  
August Burns Red Sleddin' Hill: A Holiday Album
- includes singles 2008-2011
2012 image buy  
Automatics The Last Noel
- with Steve Jones (Sex Pistols); CD edition scheduled for 2007 but never released; MP3 download issued following spring and reissued several times over the years with slightly varying track lists; one version was issued under leader Dave Philp's name (now deleted)
2007 image buy  
Autry, Gene Merry Christmas With Gene Autry
- Columbia 8-song, 10-inch LP; reissued in 1954 with new cover minus two songs as part of the "House Party" series
1950 image buy review
  The Original Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & Other Christmas Favorites
- new recordings made after Autry left Columbia and founded Challenge Records; this album, however, was leased to Pickwick, which released it many times, (probably) first on their Design label, later on Gran Prix, and subsequently with new covers on Hurrah, Design, Allegro (as "Christmas Cracker"), again on Design, and then I lost count; the original LP version was reissued on CD in 2006 by Varese Sarabande
1957 image buy review
  Christmastime With Gene Autry
- Challenge LP
1958 image buy review
  The Original Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer & Other Children's Christmas Favorites
- Columbia masters reissued by their budget label, Harmony
1964 image buy review
  Holidaytime With Gene Autry
- Challenge masters reissued by Autry's own label, Republic
1966 image buy review
  Christmas With Gene Autry
- Challenge masters reissued by Republic
1976 image buy review
  Happy Holiday with Gene Autry
- Challenge masters reissued by another Autry-owned label, Champion (named after his trusty horse...)
1980 image buy review
  Gene Autry Christmas
- Columbia recordings 1947-1956
1994 image buy review
  Here Comes Santa Claus
- Challenge recordings 1957-1959
1999 image buy review
  Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer And Other Christmas Classics
- Columbia recordings
2003 image buy review
  Complete Columbia Christmas Recordings
- as advertised.... buy this one!
2004 image buy review
  Year-Round Cowboy: Songs For The Whole Year
- companion to above featuring songs about other holidays
2006 image buy review
  His Christmas Album
- Challenge masters reissued by Collectables
2007 image buy review
  A Melody Ranch Christmas Party
- radio transcriptions 1942-1955
2016 image buy review
Avalanches Ski Surfin'
- winter-themed instrumental album by studio group featuring members of Los Angeles' famed "Wrecking Crew"
1963 image buy  
Avalon, Frankie Christmas Album 1962 image buy  
Aznavour, Charles Un Enfant Est Né... 1978 image buy  
  A Private Christmas
- English version of above with different cover
1978 image buy  
  My Christmas Album
- eissue of above with new cover and title plus a version of his 1974 hit single "She"
1981 image buy  
  Chante Noël
- reissue of "Un Enfant Est Né" with new plus two bonus tracks
1996 image buy  

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