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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important Christmas albums, organized by artist name. (Note there's a separate section for various artists albums.) Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

Ramone, Cassie Christmas In Reno
- née Grzymkowski; former member of the Vivian Girls
2015 image buy  
Ramone, Joey Christmas Spirit... In My House (EP) 2002 image buy  
Ramos, Hedras Holy Gift of Shred 2009 image buy  
Randolph, Boots Boots & Stockings
- reissued as MP3 download in 2014
1969 image buy  
  Boots & Stockings
- budget CD reissue with new cover
1995 image buy  
  Christmas At Boots' Place
- with the Tommy Newsom's Jazztet
1992 image buy  
  Christmas At Mr. Yakety Sax
- same as above with new cover and title
1995 image buy  
  A Christmas Holiday 2002 image buy  
Rankin, Kenny A Christmas Album 1999 image buy  
Rascal Flatts Unwrapped (EP)
- digital compilation of tracks issued in 2006 and 2008
2009 image buy  
  The Greatest Gift Of All 2016 image buy  
Raveonettes Wishing You A Rave Christmas (EP)
- MP3 download only
2008 image buy  
Ravers Punk Rock Christmas (EP) 1978 image buy  
Rawls, Lou Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho!
- original Capitol album
1967 image buy review
  Christmas Is The Time
- original EMI/Manhattan album
1993 image buy review
  A Merry Little Christmas
- budget CD reissue of 'Merry Christmas' with new cover and title minus two tracks
1995 image buy review
  Swingin' Christmas
- budget CD reissue of 'Merry Christmas' with new cover and title minus one track
2000 image buy review
  Christmas Will Be Christmas
- 12 tracks from Rawls' two previous original albums
2001 image buy review
  Lou Rawls Christmas
- original HyLo album
2004 image buy review
  Lou Rawls Christmas
- Time-Life reissue of HyLo album with new cover and bonus track
2006 image buy review
  Merry Christmas Baby
- 20 tracks from all three of Rawls' original albums
2006 image buy review
  Merry Christmas From Lou Rawls
- five-track digital EP from the Capitol vaults
2009 image buy review
Raye, Collin Christmas: The Gift 1996 image buy  
Red Sky July Silent Night (EP)
- new band formed by husband-and-wife team Ally McErlaine (guitarist for Texas) and Shelly Poole (Alisha's Attic)
2012 image buy  
Redbone, Leon Christmas Island
- 2003 reissue includes one extra track
1987 image buy  
Redding, Noel No More Christmas (EP) 1993 image buy  
Reddy, Helen The Best Christmas Ever
- 15 track original album
2000 image buy  
- reissue of above with new title and artwork, 10 tracks
2001 image buy  
  Christmas Mem'ries
- reissue of above with new title and artwork, 12 tracks
2003 image buy  
Reel Big Fish Happy Skalidays (EP) 2014 image buy  
Reeves, Del Santa's Boy 1966 image buy  
Reeves, Diane Christmas Time Is Here 2004 image buy  
Reeves, Jim Twelve Songs Of Christmas
- 1990 CD reissue
1963 image buy  
  Twelve Songs Of Christmas
- 2000 CD reissue
1963 image buy  
  Christmas Songbook
- imported collection mixing all of above with Gospel and other non-seasonal songs
2003 image buy  
Refreshments Rock 'n' Roll X-Mas
- Swedish roots rock band
2003 image buy  
  Christmas Spirits: Rock 'n' Roll X-Mas 2 2007 image buy  
  Christmas Wish: Best Of Rock 'n' Roll X-Mas 2010 image buy  
Reggie & The Full Effect X-Mas Mini EP 2013 image buy  
Relient K Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hand
- limited edition bonus CD packaged with 'Two Lefts Don't Make a Right'
2003 image buy  
  Let It Snow, Baby, Let It Reindeer
- seven new songs plus all of 'Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hand'
2007 image buy  
R.E.M. Fan Club Singles 1988-1999
- bootleg compilation
2000 image buy review
  Complete Christmas Singles 1987-2003
- another bootleg, badly packaged but generally better mastered than above; tracks actually span only 1988 to 2002
2003 image buy review
Remington Super 60 Christmas In May (EP)
- digital release from self-described "Norwegian pop/easy listening group"; only two of five tracks are defensibly holiday songs
2001 image buy  
  Merry Christmas EP
- three previously released songs; given away through band's website
2007 image buy  
  Winter EP
- five-track digital EP of all new material, though only one song has an even tenuous connection to Christmas...
2009 image buy  
Reno & Smiley True Meaning Of Christmas 1963 image buy  
REO Speedwagon Not So Silent Night 2009 image buy  
  Not So Silent Night
- new edition with bonus tracks and amended red cover
2010 image buy  
  Not So Silent Night
- yet another edition with another bonus track and amended gold cover
2017 image buy  
Restless Heart A Restless Heart Christmas 2013 image buy  
Retrospective Soundtrack Players It's A Wonderful Christmas Carol
- an imagined pop/rock soundtrack to "It's A Wonderful Life" and "A Christmas Carol"; not available for download in the United States
2014 image buy  
Revere, Paul & The Raiders A Christmas Present... And Past
- original Sony CD reissue (1989)
1967 image buy review
  A Christmas Present... And Past
- Koch reissue, amended cover (2005)
1967 image buy review
  A Christmas Present... And Past
- Columbia LP newly remastered as MP3 download
1967 image buy review
Rev. Horton Heat We Three Kings 2005 image buy  
Rhodes Kids Rock 'n' Rhodes Christmas 1974 image buy  
Rhodes, Kimmie Miracles On Christmas Day 2010 image buy  
Rhys, Gruff Atheist Xmas EP
- former member of Super Furry Animals
2011 image buy  
Richard, Cliff Together
- includes several older singles
1991 image buy  
  We Should Be Together (EP)
- 4-track EP includes two songs from plus two non-LP tracks
1991 image buy  
  Cliff At Christmas
- includes old and new recordings 1982-2003
2003 image buy  
Richie, Lionel Sounds Of The Season 2006 image buy  
Riders In The Sky Merry Christmas from Harmony Ranch 1992 image buy  
  Christmas The Cowboy Way 1999 image buy  
Rimes, Leann What A Wonderful World 2004 image buy  
  One Christmas: Chapter 1 2014 image buy  
  Today Is Christmas 2015 image buy  
Rivers, Bob Twisted Christmas 1992 image buy  
  I Am Santa Claus 1993 image buy  
  Twisted Christmas Boxed Set
- both of above plus non-Christmas CD
1994 image buy  
  More Twisted Christmas 1997 image buy  
  Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire 2000 image buy  
  White Trash Christmas 2002 image buy  
Robbins, Marty Christmas With Marty Robbins 1967 image buy  
  Joy Of Christmas
- Columbia Special Products ‎compilation with Robbins on the first side (and pictured on the cover) and various artists on side two
1972 image buy  
Roberts, Julie Who Needs Mistletoe 2011 image buy  
Robinson, Smokey Christmas Everyday
- an "Amazon Original" with guests Trombone Shorty, Take 6, the Dap-Kings, and Us The Duo
2017 image buy review
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Christmas With The Miracles
- reissued as MP3 download in 2013
1963 image buy review
  A Season For Miracles
- reissued as MP3 download in 2014
1970 image buy review
  Our Very Best Christmas
- contains selections from both above
1999 image buy review
  20th Century Masters: Christmas Collection
- same as above with new cover & title
2003 image buy review
  Soulful Christmas
- recorded without Smokey Robinson
2001 image buy review
  Christmas With The Miracles
- not the 1963 classic of the same name, but a Sony budget reissue of Soulful Christmas (above) minus two tracks
2013 image buy review
Roches We Three Kings 1990 image buy review
  We Three Kings
- reissue on new label with new cover
1994 image buy review
Rock & Roll Xmas Spectacular Trim My Tree
- available for download at CD Baby
2007 image buy  
Rockapella Rockapella Christmas 2000 image buy  
  Comfort & Joy 2002 image buy  
Rocket Summer Christmas Madness (EP)
- Texas-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Avary
2013 image buy  
Rockin' Sidney Holiday Celebration with Rockin' Sidney 1983 image buy  
Rodgers, Jimmie It's Christmas Once Again
- Roulette LP, reissued on CD by Collector's Choice (2003)
1959 image buy  
  Christmas with Jimmie Rodgers
- Dot LP, never reissued on CD
1965 image buy  
Rodgers, Kris & The Dirty Gems A Dirty Gems Christmas (EP)
- Bandcamp exclusive; includes new version of Rodgers' 2011 single
2014 image buy  
Roe, Tommy It's Now Christmas Day
- title song is update of his 1967 hit "It's Now Winter's Day"
2015 image buy  
Rogers, Kenny Christmas 1981 image buy  
  Once Upon A Christmas
- with Dolly Parton; companion to their CBS TV special "A Christmas To Remember"; later editions remove Rogers' two solo tracks but add Parton's 1982 single "Hard Candy Christmas"
1984 image buy  
  Christmas In America
- reissued on CD with new cover
1989 image buy  
  Christmas Wishes
- budget collection
1995 image buy  
  The Gift 1996 image buy  
  Christmas From The Heart 1998 image buy  
  Christmas Greetings
- reissue of Christmas (1981)
2000 image buy  
  Christmas With Kenny 2004 image buy  
  Christmas Collection
- 2-CD collection taken from first two albums
2006 image buy  
  Christmas From The Heart
- soundtrack from a Hallmark TV special
2008 image buy  
  Once Again It's Christmas
- apparently, he doesn't know when to fold 'em...
2015 image buy  
Rogers, Roy Christmas Is Always
- with Dale Evans
1967 image buy  
Romeo's Fault If Christmas Trees Were Ice Cream Cones 2011 image buy  
Ronstadt, Linda Merry Little Christmas 2000 image buy  
Roomful Of Blues Roomful Of Christmas
- two songs released on single in 1996
1997 image buy  
Rose, David The David Rose Christmas Album
- Capitol LP first reissued on CD by Real Gone Music (2011)
1968 image buy  
Rosebuds Christmas Tree Island 2012 image buy  
Ross, Diana Christmas In Vienna
- with Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin
1993 image buy  
  A Very Special Season
- includes 'Amazing Grace' from above; UK only release
1994 image buy  
  Making Spirits Bright
- with the King's Singers, Modern Jazz Quartet, and London Symphony Orchestra; originally sold only in Hallmark stores
1994 image buy  
Rotary Connection Peace
- featuring a young Minnie Riperton
1968 image buy  
Roubion, Rebecca Christmas Lights
- Nashville-based indie-pop artist on Dualtone Records
2014 image buy  
Royal Crown Revue Don't Be A Grinch This Year
- CD sold exclusively through their website, but MP3 download widely available
2010 image buy  
Royal Guardsmen Merry Snoopy’s Christmas
- Mistletoe Records repackaging of the 1967 Laurie Records album Snoopy and His Friends; reissued by Holiday Records in 1980
1978 image buy  
  Snoopy’s Christmas!
- CEMA Special Markets collection of songs recorded 1966-1968
1993 image buy  
  Merry Snoopy Christmas
- Creative Sounds CD reissue of Mistletoe album with amended title and new cover
2006 image buy  
Royant, Gaspar I Can't Believe It's Christmas (And Other Xmas Hits) (EP)
- French retro-hipster
2016 image buy  
  Wishing You A Merry Christmas
- full-length album collecting previous single and EP tracks 2014-2016 plus new material
2017 image buy  
Rubber Band Xmas! The Beatmas
- Beatles tribute band
1996 image buy  
Rucker, Darius Home For The Holidays
- Hootie & The Blowfish singer
2014 image buy  
Ruffins, Kermit Have A Crazy Cool Christmas 2009 image buy  
RuPaul Ho Ho Ho 1997 image buy  
  Slay Belles 2015 image buy  
Rusby, Kate Sweet Bells 2008 image buy  
  Sweet Bells
- same as above with new cover
2010 image buy  
  While Mortals Sleep 2011 image buy  
Rushlow, Tim Classic Christmas
- Little Texas singer
2014 image buy  
Russell, Leon Hymns of Christmas 1995 image buy  
Rydell, Bobby A Philadelphia Christmas
- includes rerecordings of his early hits
2003 image buy  

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