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Looking for a particular various artists Christmas album? Click above on the first letter of the album's title, then scroll through the links. The following tips may be helpful:

  • If the album's title begins with A, AN, or THE, ignore those words
  • Numbers are listed as if spelled out (e.g. Twenty Christmas Stars)
  • Ignore punctuation such as parentheses or quotation marks
  • Specific artist's albums are listed on separate pages alphabetized by artist name

Unlike my other website, Randy's Rodeo, Hip Christmas is rather, um, exhaustive (obsessive, demented, ridiculously detailed, whatever...). Consequently, I've included more information than the usual links to individual artist reviews (present where applicable). In addition, you'll also find album titles, release dates, and links that pop up the cover art - a veritable "Cool Christmas" database!

Within the index, you'll see many, many Christmas albums - well over 1000 - but this is still a selected discography, not an exhaustive catalog. For instance, I tend to ignore budget reissues such as those on labels like Laserlight or Pickwick. I also try to avoid unlicensed, public domain, and/or bootleg reissues on labels like Jasmine, JSP, Proper, and ASV/Living Era. Plus, I'm not terribly interested in folk music, contemporary country, recent blues, and modern jazz - and I don't care for new age music at all. Nowhere near all of this music is good, but these are the artists and albums that will be of interest to people passionate about hip Christmas music. I believe you'll find this a resource unlike any on the web, and I hope you will email me with any additions or corrections.

You may also find our Site Search (above) useful - it scours Hip Christmas for any mention of your search terms. We also have a Christmas Artists & Albums index, a Christmas Songs & Singles index, and any Amazon or iTunes link will allow you to browse directly from within their immense catalogs. If you want to know more, we recommend the All Music Guide. It is the premier music database on the web, and its content is incorporated into many other websites.

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