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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important various artist Christmas albums, organized by album name. Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

PaPa Ain't No Santa Claus, Mama Ain't No Christmas Tree
- a sackful of original rock 'n roll, jazz, R&B, doo wop, and blues; companion to I'm Gonna Lasso Santa Claus (2008)
2003 image buy  
Parasol Presents Christmas Singles 2000 image buy  
Parasol Presents Stuck In The Chimney
- subtitled 'More Christmas Singles'; above two from Illlinois-based indie pop label Parasol Records
2001 image buy  
Phil Spector's Christmas Album
- Apple Records reissue Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records (1963) with new cover featuring Spector in Santa suit; original mono mix
1972 image buy review
Phil Spector's Christmas Album
- above reissued on the Warner/Spector label with similar cover as above; in true stereo for the first time though cover states 'authentic mono'
1974 image buy review
Phil Spector's Christmas Album
- above reissued on Spector International label; stereo mix; same cover as 1972 Apple reissue
1975 image buy review
Phil Spector's Christmas Album
- UK stereo version on Warner/Spector with entirely different cover
1975 image buy review
Phil Spector's Christmas Album
- UK stereo version on Impression Records with yet another cover; sold in tandem with a 20-track "Greatest Hits" album with similar cover, tinted blue instead of red
1983 image buy review
Platinum Christmas
- superstars from BMG labels such as Jive, Arista, and RCA
2000 image buy  
Platinum Christmas II 2004 image buy  
Platinum Christmas III
- above two released only in Europe
2006 image buy  
Playboy Latin Jazz Christmas: A Not So Silent Night
- part of series of jazz compilations from the gentleman's monthly
2001 image buy  
Please Come Home For Christmas
- vintage rhythm & blues from Ace US label
1995 image buy  
Plugged In For The Holidays
- Canadian EMI compilation of largely alternative rock, including several rare cuts
2005 image buy  
Pop and Soul: Holiday Hits 2000 image buy  
Pop and Soul: Holiday Hits Vol. 2
- above two self-evident budget collections from Universal Music
2000 image buy  
Pop Christmas
- Sony budget compilation, companion to Country Christmas and R&B Christmas
2003 image buy  
Pop Into Christmas
- 17-track album from Spectrum, a Universal budget label in the UK; would appear to be an expansion of 1993 album below
2003 image buy  
Pop X-mas
- 14-track album from Spectrum, a Universal budget label in the UK
1993 image buy  
Power Chords, Harmonies, and Mistletoe
- UK label Twist Records compiles power pop from around the world, mostly new tracks, a few vintage; available for download through CD Baby
2011 image buy  
Pravda's Rockin' Christmas Tunes
- venerable indie presents mixed bag including New Duncan Imperials; originally issued as MP3 download, available as CD-R as of 2011
2009 image buy  
Psych-Out Christmas
- vintage and (mostly) new holiday psychedelia compiled by Cleopatra
2013 image buy  
Psychobilly Christmas
- mostly obscure modern punk/rockabilly on the Cleopatra label
2008 image buy  
Punk Christmas 1997 image buy  
Punk Christmas 2
- above two compiled by German label SPV; contents reflect their Teutonic origin
1997 image buy  
Punk Goes Christmas
- part of extensive Punk Goes series on Fearless Records
2013 image buy  
Punk Goes Christmas: Deluxe Edition
- new version of above with new artwork and four extra tracks
2015 image buy  
Punk Rock Christmas (first version)
- download-only album from Cleopatra Records featuring mostly obscure artists; well-known artists generally perform non-Christmas songs
2012 image buy  
Punk Rock Christmas (second version)
- grab bag from Cleopatra Records including some big names from the early days of punk; almost completely different than above
2015 image buy  
Punk Rock Xmas
- far-reaching compilation of loud-and-fast music from Rhino Records
1995 image buy review
Putumayo Christmas: World, Folk, Blues, Jazz And Soul 1994 image buy  
Putumayo Presents A Family Christmas 2009 image buy  
Putumayo Presents Acoustic Christmas 2013 image buy  
Putumayo Presents Christmas Around the World 2003 image buy  
Putumayo Presents French Christmas 2014 image buy  
Putumayo Presents Jazz & Blues Christmas 2008 image buy  
Putumayo Presents Latin Christmas 2016 image buy  
Putumayo Presents New Orleans Christmas 2006 image buy  
Putumayo Presents World Christmas Party 2010 image buy  
A Putumayo World Christmas
- above nine compiled by world music/direct marketing label
2000 image buy  
Quad City All Star Christmas
- holiday hip hop from the label that brought us 'Whoot (There It Is)'
1996 image buy  

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