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This index presents a selected discography of the best and/or most important various artist Christmas albums, organized by album name. Whenever possible, the listings are accompanied by links to the album art; to a place to buy the album (usually Amazon); and to my review of the album. Admittedly, the list skews heavily towards my preference for all things that rock, roll, swing, and twang. But, nothing's perfect - especially me and my crazy list. Please send additions, submissions, corrections, criticisms, and suggestions via email .

R&B Christmas
- Sony budget compilation, companion to Country Christmas and Pop Christmas
2011 image buy  
R&B Christmas Classics
- budget-oriented collection of smooth rhythm & blues; companion to Jingle Bell Rock (2005)
2005 image buy  
The Real... Christmas
- imported 3-CD set of traditional classics from Sony/BMG
2012 image buy  
The Real... Christmas Crooners
- imported Sony/Legacy 3-CD boxed set
2016 image buy  
Really Swell Christmas
- unusual mix of easy and difficult listening from Columbia/Legacy
1996 image buy  
Redeye 2008 Holiday Sampler
- indie rock distributor's roster includes Fleshtones, Supersuckers, Ron Sexsmith; MP3 download only
2008 image buy  
Redneck Christmas
- country and southern rock from Time-Life
2006 image buy  
Redneck Christmas Party
- also known as Trailer Trash Christmas
1999 image buy  
Reggae Christmas (Profile)
- original Profile Records release reissued intact by BMG in 2001
1991 image buy  
Reggae Christmas (RAS)
- new recordings from the label with the 'Real Authentic Sound'
1988 image buy  
Reggae Christmas (Trojan)
- subtitled '21 Christmas Classics... Jamaican Style'
2001 image buy  
Reggae Christmas From Studio One
- 12 tracks from producer Coxsone Dodd's historic label
1992 image buy review
Reggae Pulse 4: Christmas Songs
- part of Trojan's excellent 5-volume series
2004 image buy  
Reindeer Rock
- Sony 10-song budget compilation with a number of rare songs
1994 image buy review
Reindeer Room: A Christmas Chillout 2002 image buy  
Reindeer Room 2: A Christmas Chillout 2003 image buy  
Reindeer Room 3: A Not So Silent Night
- above three hip techno-jazz from Kriztal Records
2005 image buy  
Rhythm and Blues Christmas (Ace)
- vintage tracks from UK Ace label
2006 image buy  
Rhythm & Blues Christmas (Gusto)
- 16 tracks from the vaults of King, Federal, and and other affiliated labels
2009 image buy review
Rhythm & Blues Christmas (Hollywood)
- 20 tracks from the vaults of King, Federal, and and other affiliated labels
1988 image buy review
Rhythm & Blues Christmas (MCA)
- 10 tracks ranging from the 50's to the 90's
1995 image buy  
Rhythm & Blues Christmas (United Artists)
- unprecedented cross-label compilation produced by Snuff Garrett; companion to Twelve Hits Of Christmas; with these two records, my obsession was born...
1976 image buy  
Ring: A Cincinnati Guitar Christmas for Public Radio
- available as premium with $100 donation to several Midwestern stations; notable for an otherwise unavailable Peter Frampton version of "O Holy Night"
2010 image buy  
Ring II: A Cincinnati Guitar Christmas for Public Radio 2011 image buy  
Ring III: A Cincinnati Keyboard Christmas for Public Radio 2012 image buy  
Ring IV: A Cincinnati Keyboard Christmas for Public Radio 2013 image buy  
Riot Grrl Christmas
- grab bag from Cleopatra Records, mostly new bands rather than groups from the 90's heyday of the genre
2015 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Christmas (Ace)
- vintage tracks from independent label based in Jackson, Mississippi
1989 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Christmas (Polygram) 1994 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Christmas (Polygram)
- ultra-budget reissue of above with different cover, minus one track (notwithstanding claim of "bonus tracks")
1994 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Christmas II (Polygram)
- above three budget CD's compiled by Polygram Special Markets
1998 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Christmas (Universal)
- imported CD containing vintage oldies
2005 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Christmas: Cool 105.9 FM
- new recordings by 50's and 60's stars for Orlando, Florida oldies station; reissued in 2009 with different cover art by Essential Media Group
1993 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Era: Jingle Bell Rock
- original 25-track Time-Life CD (also released as double LP)
1987 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Era: Dick Clark's Rock 'n' Roll Christmas
- 40-track, 2-CD expansion of above incorporating America's oldest teenager
1997 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Era: A Rockin' Merry Christmas 2001 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Era: Jingle Bell Rock 2001 image buy  
Rock 'n' Roll Era: Rockin' Holidays
- above three 12-track, updated versions of original 25-track CD (above); above three also released in tandem boxed set, Christmas Hits (2001); above five adjuncts to extensive, now-defunct Time-Life series
2001 image buy  
Rock YA Christmas
- nearly an exact reissue of Metal Christmas (1994), but with new title and cover; features a slew of mid-level British rock stars from the 70's and 80's
1999 image buy  
Rockabilly Xmas
- mastered from original vinyl 45's by German label Buffalo Bop
2000 image buy  
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (BEC)
- alternative Christian rock from Tooth & Nail and BEC Recordings
2011 image buy  
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Universal)
- 10-track modern pop collection from Universal Special Products
1994 image buy  
Rockin' Bethlehem 1989 image buy  
Rockin' Bethlehem: The Second Coming
- above two albums compiled by Australian label Timberyard Records to benefit the Sydney Children's Hospital; artists include the Lime Spiders, Celibate Rifles, and members of The Church
1990 image buy  
Rockin' Christmas (BMG)
- budget-oriented BMG CD includes some fairly rare tracks
2005 image buy  
Rockin' Christmas (Columbia)
- 10-song LP of 60's-era artists, mainly from Columbia & Epic artists
1974 image buy  
Rockin' Christmas (Razor & Tie)
- 2-CD collection available through TV and mail-order only
1993 image buy  
Rockin' Christmas: The 50's 1984 image buy review
Rockin' Christmas: The 60's
- above two LP's were Rhino's first-ever Christmas compilations
1984 image buy review
Rockin' Christmas Party
- latter-day effort of 60's pop stars produced by Archies' Ron Dante
2004 image buy  
Rockin' In Your Stockin'
- budget modern rock compilation from EMI-Capitol Special Markets; same track listing and SKU as Christmas In Your Ear (1997)
1997 image buy  
Rockin' Little Christmas
- 12 tracks from Decca, Chess, and other MCA-affiliated labels; liner notes by Brenda Lee
1986 image buy review
Rockin' 'n' Rollin' With Santa Claus
- BBC personality Mark Lamarr presents 25 vintage classics
2011 image buy  
Rockin' The Mistletoe
- modern pop compilation from indie label Side B Music featuring artists with connections to Brian Wilson, Joe Jackson, and Wilson Phillips
2010 image buy  
Rodney Bingenheimer Presents "All Year Party!"
- hosted by legendary KROQ disc jockey Rodney On The ROQ
1984 image buy review
Rodney On The Rock Presents Santa's Got a GTO Vol. 2
- released shortly after his departure from Los Angeles radio station KROQ; limited edition LP with download card; also available direct from Gearhead
2017 image buy review

A Rootin Tootin Santa: A Hillbilly Christmas
- compiled by Richard Weize, founder of Bear Family Records; companion to Boogie Woogie Santa Claus: An R&B Christmas

2017 image buy  
Roots Of Rhythm: Merry Christmas Baby
- part of book-and-CD series from International Masters Publishing
2000 image buy  
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
- thirty versions of Johnny Marks' most celebrated composition compiled by German reissue specialist Bear Family Records
2004 image buy  

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