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Looking for a particular Christmas song or single? In the menu above, click above on the first letter of the song title, then scroll through the links. The following tips may be helpful:

  • If the song title begins with A, AN, or THE, ignore those words
  • Numbers are listed as if spelled out (e.g. Twelve Days Of Christmas)
  • Ignore punctuation such as parentheses or quotation marks

This index lists the essential songs (not all the songs) contained on the albums reviewed in Hip Christmas, plus singles, album tracks, or one-hit wonders not otherwise included on those albums. Whenever possible, the artist's name is linked to my review of the best album (not necessarily the only album) on which to find the song. Barring that, the artist's name will be linked if possible to a place where you may buy the song (usually Amazon).

You may also find our Site Search (above) useful - it scours Hip Christmas for any mention of your search terms. We also have a Christmas Albums & Artists index, a Various Artists index, and any Amazon or iTunes link will allow you to browse directly from within their immense catalogs.

Again, bear in mind that this list contains the only best Christmas songs from the best Christmas albums - that is, according to me. It is not intended as a substitute for more encylopedic websites like the All Music Guide, nor is it even a comprehensive index to the albums I have reviewed. Rather, it is designed to help you separate the wheat from the chaff - to winnow the worthwhile tracks from a genre increasing flooded with utter dross.

That said, as of this writing Hip Christmas contains reviews of barely a couple hundred albums from my dysfunctionally vast Christmas music library. Though I have already covered the most essential records, more songs will be listed as I review more albums. However, I am constantly searching for lost Christmas treasures. If you spot an ommission, I hope you'll clue me in. Drop me a line...

Randy Anthony

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